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Branding | Marketing

Branding | Marketing

Professional, effecting solutions for creating or improving brand awareness, increasing sales, focusing on your target demographic, rebranding, etc.

Photo | Video

Photo | Video

Full circle professional video production including storyboarding/scripting, directing, filming, editing and audio as well as photography to highlight you, your team, and/or your product(s).

Strategic Development

Strategic Development

A variety of services catered to increasing productivity, reducing overhead, and streamlining operations.



Raise money for your business through fundraising events, crowdfunding, sponsorships, etc.


Clairvoyance is a family consulting firm that provides strategic development services for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, businesses & organizations by enhancing their exposure and involvement in the community for the overall betterment of society.


Some firms develop the perfect plan to help your business attract more customers. Great, you’ve got a plan.. but no one to execute it. Now you’ve got to hire 5 or more people to see your branding and marketing plan through and hope they can communicate effectively to keep everything synonymous. Clairvoyance can help you develop your plan to start, grow, or pivot your business, project, or cause and there’s no need to look any further as we have the tools to help you execute your plan.

You have many available avenues to market your business. There’s your website, social media, and good ‘ol grassroots marketing efforts such as print media, online ad space, etc. We develop a plan catered to your business and your audience and the content to execute that plan.

We provide creative, effective design services. Our designs are clean, eye catching, and welcoming. We design everything from logos and business cards to proposals and websites.

We provide professional quality production for all of your video needs. We can put together promotional content (social media clips, commercial etc.), video for your crowdfunding campaign, full production projects (documentaries, movies, etc.). We handle storyboarding/scripting, filming, directing, and post production.

We are here for all of your photography needs. We offer sessions for product shoots, headshots, model photoshoots, capturing events, and real estate shoots.

Your business needs money…obviously. Clairvoyance provides grant research and writing services. To date, we have been able to get our clients over one million dollars in grant awards.

Clairvoyance offers effective solutions to help you raise funds to meet your upcoming goals. We can develop, plan, and execute fundraising campaigns and events, write proposal for those businesses looking for investors as well as source investors and VC’s who may be interested in helping you fund your inventory or growth.

Video Done Right

With Clairvoyance, our vision for the future isn't the only thing that's clear.

Meet Our Team

chief design officer

Our design, photography, and cinematography guru.

chief marketing & business development officer

Our marketing, fundraising and business development expert.

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